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People Are Dying Their Hair Like Narcissa Malfoy's And We're Into It

Occasionally our style inspiration comes from the unlikeliest sources, and right now people are borrowing their hair inspo from none other than Harry Potter‘s Narcissa Malfoy.

Though evil by nature, Draco Malfoy’s mother (played by Helen McCrory) rocks a pretty cool and of-the-moment hairdo.

People Are Dying Their Hair Like Narcissa Malfoy's And We're Into It
Narcissa's hairdo is trending RN (Credit: Warner Bros)

Her half-black and half-blonde bob with a side-swept fringe is exactly the kind of edgy cool that 2020 hair trends are leaning towards – and we’re all for it.

It’s kind of the like a reverse of the blonde-on-top and black-underneath ‘do that Dua Lipa was rocking earlier this year, sparking a thousand copies.

That’s why just about the whole of TikTok is trying the look – dubbed ‘The Narcissa’ – for themselves.

All over the video sharing site, users are whipping out the boxes of blonde and black dye to give themselves the black-blonde look and no joke, we’re half tempted to do it ourselves. It looks SO cool.

Check out some of our favourites below.

SALON64 creative colourist Dylan McConnachie gave Tyla the lowdown on the Narcissa look and how to achieve it.

“Most commonly we’ve had clients ask for this either as a huge show stopper or a little more subtle on the underneath section of the hair to make the colour a focal point,” he explains.

“To achieve this I would work with keeping the hair and your section super clean and isolating the areas you want to lighten,” Dylan adds.

“Depending on your natural level of lightness I would work with a clay bleach pre-lightener with a 20 Vol peroxides.

“Start applying it to the ends of your hair about an inch away from the root and leave on for between 30-50 minutes.

“Then, apply to your roots for a further 50 minutes. This will leave you with a pale/yellow undertone so make sure you then use a ash tone/purple based toner to remove any trace of yellow to be left with a super clean white!”

We’re SO trying this.