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Revolution Beauty Is Launching A 'Friends' Make-up Collection

When it comes to shopping memorabilia, there’s no better fan to be than a Friends fan.

Despite airing its last episode over 16 years ago, the hugely successful 90s sitcom has such a huge following you can buy Friends puzzles, blankets, plasters, advent calendars, cookbooks and even replicas of the iconic Central Perk sofa, if you’ve got a couple of grand to spare.

But what about the beauty buffs? Surprisingly, Friends makeup doesn’t seem to have made it big yet.

That is, until now.

Revolution Beauty Is Launching A 'Friends' Make-up Collection
The collection features three lipsticks (Credit: Revolution Beauty)

Introducing Revolution Beauty’s Friends collection – a must have for anybody who wants to achieve Phoebe Buffay, Rachel Green or Monica Geller’s most iconic looks from home.

Featuring palettes and lipsticks inspired by the three female leads, the collection draws on everything we love about the trio and offers it up in makeup form.

“We looked at each character in detail-what they wear, their mannerisms, the makeup they use, the personalities-and started to build from there,” Revolution Beauty founder Adam Minto told Allure.

“The products take on the life of each character in a really immersive way.”

Revolution Beauty Is Launching A 'Friends' Make-up Collection
The Phoebe palette comes with references to 'Smelly Cat' and 'Triplets' (Credit: Revolution Beauty'

With references to some of the most iconic moments from the sitcom, Phoebe’s eyeshadow palette includes shades such as ‘Smelly Cat,’ ‘Triplet’ and ‘Lobster,’ while Rachel’s includes ‘On A Break,’ ‘Dinosaur’ (in honour of Ross) and ‘Barney’s.’

Revolution Beauty Is Launching A 'Friends' Make-up Collection
Rachel's palette has colours such as 'On A Break' and 'Barney's' (Credit: Revolution Beauty)

On Monica’s palette you’ll find names including ‘Clean’ (what else?!), ‘Chef’, and ‘Geller Cup’.

In all three palettes, you can expect lots of sparkles, browns and nudes to experiment with, in sync with the 90s beauty trends from the time.

Revolution Beauty Is Launching A 'Friends' Make-up Collection
Monica's palette mentions 'clean' and the 'Geller cup' (Credit: Revolution Beauty)

And the packaging is super fun and retro, too, adapting the Friends font on the front and imagery from the show, including Monica’s peep-hole door-frame, phoebe’s taxi and Central Perk.

The best part is that prices range from as little as £6-£9 ($8-$12).

The Friends X Revolution Beauty collection launches today in the US and on Wednesday (16th September) worldwide.

Revolution Beauty have a countdown on their website, so, when the time comes you can shop it here.