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Category: Entertainment

Uncle Ben's Rice Unveils New Name Change

Uncle Ben’s rice has officially changed its name to Ben’s Original.Parent company, Mars Inc. announced the news today following criticism that the brand name was rooted in racial stereotype.

NASA On Track For First Woman To Land On The Moon In 2024

NASA has revealed it is still on track for the first woman to land on the moon in 2024.The Artemis mission will include an unmanned launch – expected to take place in 2021 – before a manned launch which is set to go ahead in 2024.

BREAKING: An Estimated 70,000 People Currently Have Covid-19 In The UK

An estimated 70,000 people currently have Covid-19 in the UK, according to ONS figures.Speaking at a press briefing on Monday morning, Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance gave a stark warning about the impact of current rates of infection.

Supermarket Bosses Urge People To Stop Panic Buying Again

Supermarkets are urging shoppers not to panic buy over increasing fears of a second lockdown.Images posted on social media this weekend reveal bare shelves as shoppers appear to have started stockpiling items such as pasta, cereal, toilet roll, flour and tinned food.