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Gucci Is Selling Grass Stained Jeans For £600

We remember a time when there was nothing worse that getting grass stains on your jeans. They were a b*ll-ache to get out and a quick way to demote your favourite denim to the back of your trouser drawer forevermore.

But now, it seems designer brands are pre-staining your jeans for you and selling them to you for £600.

Yes, unbelievably, Gucci is wheeling grass-stained jeans – officially named the ‘Eco washed organic denim pant’ – online for the eye-watering amount.

Gucci Is Selling Grass Stained Jeans For £600
Gucci's 'Eco washed organic denim pant' costs a cool £600 (Credit: Gucci)

The wide-legged jeans feature green staining on both knee areas, described as a ‘washing techniques that blurs the line between vintage and contemporary’.

Riiiiiight. This is either remarkable trolling of the fashion set by Gucci or we are well and truly past it.

The official product description on the Italian label’s website reads: “Channelling the Fall Winter 2020 collection’s grunge vibe, this wide-leg denim pant is crafted from organic cotton specifically treated for a stained-like, distressed effect.

“Gucci explores new takes on the cult fabric, reinterpreting it with different designs and washing techniques that blur the line between vintage and contemporary.

“All organic cotton leftovers from the cutting process for this product are then upcycled into new materials under the ‘Gucci Up’ program. Pieces with versatile ways to wear and style embrace each person who is part of the House’s individual spirit.”

Gucci Is Selling Grass Stained Jeans For £600
Fancy spending six big ones on grass stained jeans? (Credit: Gucci)

We don’t mean to be mean, but if you buy these, pls consider reassessing your life choices.

Even if we’re wrong and grass stains do turn out to be the next big thing, we’re more inclined pull out an old pair from our drawer and go skidding down the nearest hill knee-first than spend that kind of money on pre-grass stained jeans.

The pre-dirtied look is reminiscent of Converse’s Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Smoke Low Top – a trainer which is made to already look dirty when actually box fresh – which were released back in June.

Gucci Is Selling Grass Stained Jeans For £600
Converse are also selling pre-dirtied trainers (Credit: Converse)

The shoe brand explained shoppers can “skip the break-in period” and achieve that vintage look straight away by grabbing the grubby looking shoes for £70.

“Classic Chuck features get an aged makeover in the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Smoke Low Top sneaker. Skip the break-in period. A dirty wash treatment gives these classic Chucks a vintage look, straight out of the box,” the description reads.

Can we go back to buying new stuff that looks new? Thnx.