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You Can Now Get Groovy Chick Pyjamas

Remember Groovy Chick?

Instantly recognisable by her stripy heart-logo crop top, fringed flares and blonde bob, the iconic cartoon character was created in the nineties by wildly successful design studio Bang On The Door.

The tween queen character was a hit with millennials and went on to be splashed all over bags, birthday cards, pencil cases and more.

Fast forward to 2020 and we’re happy to say that the cartoon figure is enjoying a comeback – and you can now pay tribute to her by buying this pair of snuggly Groovy Chick PJs.

You Can Now Get Groovy Chick Pyjamas
Groovy Chick PJs, £19.95 (Credit: WantTheTrand.com)

Priced at £19.95 from Wantthetrend.com and available in sizes ranging from 8-10 (small to medium) to 20-22 (XL to XXL), the PJs come in a short sleeve, full back design and are made from 100% cotton.

If you want to go a few steps further with your throwback, how about pinning your hair back with couple of nineties snap clips, all while idolising Bella Hadid for wearing the discontinued noughties megabrand that is Jane Norman?

Back on the subject of Groovy Chick merch, we’re loving this oh-so-millennial string bag from the Bang On The Door Shop.

Made from 100% cotton, the light drawstring bag has a cord to tighten and tie, and costs £12.49. Anyone else feel like they’ve time-travelled back to school just by looking at this pic?

You Can Now Get Groovy Chick Pyjamas
Tote £11.99, Hoodie £32.99, String Bag £12.49 (Credit: Bang On The Door)

If you prefer a practical tote bag instead, you can snap one up for £11.99.

As the nights get chillier, we’ll be snuggling up in this hoodie emblazoned with our favourite illustrated character.

Made from a mix of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, the warm and cosy hoodie is available in a rainbow of shades that Groovy Chick herself would be proud of, from light mint to crystal pink and deep purple.

Priced at £32.99, this is one to layer over your PJs as you settle in for a Netflix binge.

Oh, and thanks to the now-viral tweet below, our heads have been turned to ASOS’ Groovy Chick printed tees .

Sadly, the t-shirts appear to have sold out for now – but we can confirm that Groovy Chick is trending on Twitter!

Groovy Chick, we salute you.