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New David Attenborough Doc 'A Life On Our Planet' Is Coming To Netflix Next Month

David Attenborough’s new film A Life On Our Planet officially lands on Netflix this October, and it’s not one to miss.

Yep, certified national treasure David Attenborough is set to return to our screens in a brand new nature documentary film, which will focus not only on his own life and early career, but on the devastating changes to our eco-system that he’s witnessed.

Produced by award-winning wildlife film-makers Silverback Films and global environmental organisation WWF, the movie will chronicle David’s extraordinary life, focusing in detail on “the man who has seen more of the natural world than any other”.

But, of course, it will also look in great detail at the issue closest to the documentarian’s heart. The biggest issue of our time: saving the natural world.

Described as “honest, revealing and urgent”, the film reportedly gives “a powerful, first-hand account of humanity’s impact on nature and a message of hope for future generations”.

New David Attenborough Doc 'A Life On Our Planet' Is Coming To Netflix Next Month
Sir David is back and he's coming to Netflix (Credit: PA/WWF)

The movie has understandably had a lot of hype. In fact, it even prompted Sir David to make an Instagram account on Thursday (24 September) so he could interact with fans, and update them on the doc ahead of its release.

Seriously, has there ever been a cooler 94-year-old?

In a teaser clip from wildlife charity WWF, who co-produced the film with Sir David, we see footage of the (rather handsome) documentarian at the start of his career, appearing topless on a boat exploring the ocean, playing with monkeys in the rainforests and looking down on forestlands from a helicopter.

“To begin with it was quite easy. People had never seen pangolins before on television. They’d never seen sloths before,” he says in the clip.

“They’d never seen the centre of New Guinea before. It was the best time of my life.”

Similarly, a trailer released earlier this year comprises of similar OG clips from the Attenborough archive, moving from black and white footage of some of his earliest documentaries to the present day.

New David Attenborough Doc 'A Life On Our Planet' Is Coming To Netflix Next Month
The people's favourite broadcaster has visited every continent on the planet (Credit: Altitude Film Entertainment / Netflix)

The movie was originally due to receive its world premiere at the Royal Albert Hall on 16th April, accompanied by a live Q&A with the great man himself, ahead of a wider release in cinemas – but it became a casualty of the coronavirus pandemic, causing delays.

It will now have a limited release in some cinemas across the UK on Monday 28th September, before landing on Netflix on Sunday 4th October.

In his 94 years, the people’s favourite broadcaster has visited every continent.

New David Attenborough Doc 'A Life On Our Planet' Is Coming To Netflix Next Month
Sir David's film is a warning to the world to act on climate change (Credit: Netflix)

The celebrated naturalist first appeared on our screens in Zoo Quest way back in 1954.

Since then, we’ve watched him lead climate debates, summit mountains, track shrinking glaciers and say ‘boo’ to sloths.

Having dedicated his life to documenting the natural world, Attenborough has explored many of the wildest, most far-flung places on our planet.

We can’t wait to see his life’s work culminated in a movie.