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Laura Whitmore Reveals 'Love Island' Is Expected To Return Next Summer

It looks like Laura Whitmore has been missing Love Island just as much as us this year, after she revealed to Tyla that she’s been binge-watching the juicy old seasons during lockdown.

The TV and radio presenter, 35, has also revealed the next season of Love Island is expected to return in summer 2021, after ITV has received “more applications than ever” during the show’s break.

Chatting to Tyla in her new role as ambassador for Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure, Laura explained the fate of Love Island is all dependent on the pandemic, and whether it’ll be safe for contestants and crew to travel to Majorca in summer 2021.

Laura Whitmore Reveals 'Love Island' Is Expected To Return Next Summer
Laura said 'Love Island' will hopefully be back next summer (Credit: Shutterstock)

“It’s really all depending on coronavirus,” she explained. “We’ve had more applications than ever – there’s a lot of people that want to do Love Island and there’s a lot of people that want to watch it.

“I really missed not having Love Island in lockdown – I’ve been watching the old series’ because I really needed to not watch the news. They’re so naughty! Hopefully we will be in a better situation next year.”

Aside from bingeing old episodes of Love Island, Laura and boyfriend Iain Stirling, 32, have been keeping pretty busy over the last few months, with the pair even building a pub in their back garden, called The Snug.

“It’s very Irish. Iain is Scottish and I’m Irish so it’s like, of course the two of you would build a pub!” joked Laura.

“I guess when we were at home, it was like our safe space. Even now, pubs are open again but it’s very different. Sometimes it can be quite anxiety-inducing being out and around people again, so sometimes it’s just me and Iain in the pub in the garden.”

Speaking about the government’s latest guidelines, Laura added: “I actually quite like the rule of six; I think it’s a nice number of people to have a real conversation with. If there’s like 20 of you, it’s harder to speak to everyone properly. I do think the rules are there for a reason.”

When it comes to spending quality time with people, Laura has been lucky enough to spend lockdown with boyfriend Iain – after years of spending weeks apart due to work commitments, they’ve enjoyed having the extra time together.

“It’s probably the most time we’ve ever spent together because we spend a lot of time apart with work,” she explained. “Even on Love Island, people always say ‘what’s it like working together?’ but we actually didn’t spend one day working together because he’s on the production side whereas I was either in London or the villa.”

“We’ve spent a lot of the last three years not seeing each other, so it’s been really nice. We’re both very independent and we were lucky enough to both be working during lockdown – he’s writing a sitcom at the moment and I’m writing a book and still doing radio.

Laura Whitmore Reveals 'Love Island' Is Expected To Return Next Summer
Laura said it was nice being able to spend more time with Iain during lockdown (Credit: Shutterstock)

“We would get up in the morning and have breakfast and then go into separate rooms and work for a few hours. You still need to have your separate lives even if you’re in the same house.”

Pub and telly binge-watching aside, she explained one of the best parts about lockdown was finding a healthy routine.

Chatting to Tyla after being named as ambassador of Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure, Laura explained she has also used lockdown to reset.

“I’ve kind of enjoyed lockdown, I’m quite an optimistic person in general and I do try and see the good in s**t situations,” she said.

“I know it’s been really tough for a lot of people, but I kind of used it as time for myself to reset, to have routine.

“And especially when we could only leave the house once a day for exercise – before it was like ‘oh I have to walk the dog before I leave the house’ – but then it became an actual joyous thing. I think there were a lot of things I took for granted and it’s definitely changed my outlook.

“During lockdown I definitely got into working out at home, I guess because the gyms and studios were closed. I started doing workouts on Zoom with friends and then I started playing Nintendo Ring Fit adventure and I became obsessed with it.

“I was like an old school Nintendo girl – I loved Super Mario, and with the Ring Fit Adventure, there’s like 20 different worlds, 100 levels, and when you get to each level there’s a new workout move. There’s also yoga poses, warm ups and cool downs and it measures your pulse rate.

Laura Whitmore Reveals 'Love Island' Is Expected To Return Next Summer
Laura is now ambassador of Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure (Credit: Nintendo)

“It’s really fun, I need to be motivated when I’m working out so having this dragon body builder that you have to kick the s**t out of – you actually feel like you’re in the game. I need that!

With a potential second lockdown looming, this could be going to the top of our Christmas lists…

Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure is an action adventure game that you progress with real-life exercises and movements. The game includes hundreds of full body workouts with customisable difficulty, perfect for keeping fit while in the comfort of your own home.